milu dvd, book, guideHow to order 'The The MILUnet Operation' DVD

This DVD is about the principles, practices, projects and policies of the MILUnet. This is a group of more than 30 local and regional authoreties and some research institutions throughout Europe. In an Interreg IIIC project, co-financed by the European Union, urban planners promote MILU: Multifunctional Intensive Land Use in cities and regions to contribute to sustainable development.

The DVD is one of the first interactive cinematographic set of informative audiovisuals ever made for a special target group. You can stroll around on the disc by yourself or you can use it at lectures, presentations and workshops to disseminate MILU. The DVD is complementary to the MILUnet book and guide. They are distributed by Habiforum, the Dutch lead partner of MILUnet.

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